Avatar [1.8.8] StoneAgeMC

Af:Minecraft 670 dage siden i Minecraft      

We Need Staff we have a friendly staff team the server is 24/7 Using Custom Plugins We are a Factions server The Ftop Get great prizesGkits are still work in progress We have Custom Kits JOIN NOW! Mere

Avatar [1.12] Psycho Blocks!

Af:Minecraft 670 dage siden i Minecraft      

This is Our very first server We really need builders and staff Email us to apply!!!!!!!!! Email: gamingveteran47@gmail.com I need to use the characters lolololol Yayyyyyyy! Mere

Avatar [1.8.8] Bruhlit

Af:Minecraft 670 dage siden i Minecraft      

SUPPORTS ALL VERSIONS IT SAYS 1.8.8 BUT IT SUPPORTS ALL VERSIONS!Survival Games test join now to experience magical fun times, enjoy it with the server owners bigggbrother01 a former hivemc player w Mere

Avatar [1.12] CorpCraft

Af:Minecraft 671 dage siden i Minecraft      

A PVP server with-Factions-NO banned items-Full admin shop-Active staffBuild your empire to its max! with CorpCrafts PVP server! Protect your land using factions plugin but watch out for T Mere

Avatar [1.11.2] GalaxriaSHCSkyblock

Af:Minecraft 671 dage siden i Minecraft      

Welcome to GalaxriaSkyBlock, Here we are not in it for what me and my staff crew wants, we are here pushing out plugins that YOU GUYS WANT!, not what we want, were a great SkyBlock,semi-Hardcore, Grow Mere

Avatar [BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x] Frostcity.net

Af:Minecraft 671 dage siden i Minecraft      

We are a new server looking to grow but we cant do that with out u so we need your help. we have only got skyblock working but more coming so come join play and have fun JOIN NOW Mere

Avatar [1.11.2] DemonicEmpire

Af:Minecraft 671 dage siden i Minecraft      

Who are weWith respect. me and our team almost finished our new server that called DemonicEmpire. although its not complety finished i decide to launch it to public with bugs . the main thing we d Mere

Avatar [1.8.8] Savage Craft

Af:Minecraft 672 dage siden i Minecraft      

Come Join , We are hiring staff like probly 5-10,let make a server together,join our server its 24/7 and we are planing to make a community that lasts forever. Mere

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