Avatar [BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x] Infinex

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We at Nordic-games have created a Hub server. For now we do only have Skyblock and Prison, but we attend to add more, such as survival, mini games and Towny Mere

Avatar [1.12] HybridMC

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HybridMC is a multi-world server, there is 5 worlds on our server, and we are running on a dedicated machine. There is creative, market, pvp, and standard minecraft worlds. Come discover us! Mere

Avatar [1.12] Island Factions PvP

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New factions server that uses 1.12 mechanics such as elytra, new end and 1.9 pvp. We wanted to be different from all the other servers that offered 1.8 pvp without new features so we decided to create Mere

Avatar [1.11.2] TorchNetwork

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An amazing server with OP Skyblock and OP factions. Skyblock and factions both are OP games this mean that they are overpowered. The server is owned by TheReaper76 Mere

Avatar [1.12] JigokuCraft Reborn

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Hey, what are you waiting for Were waiting for you to join us. So come on copy that ip and paste it onto your minecraft server and hit the join button! Were sure youll get a really nice and heartwar Mere

Avatar [1.8] Roleplay

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This is a roleplay server ran by VortexGo and Zikola. We would love for players to join and help us make the roleplay work. We are new and shoutout to the guy that built the map. Its amazing and we lo Mere

Avatar [1.12] HHnation

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have fun on our economy server get married and start a life with your partner or stay single we also could use help with commands like making minigames Mere

Avatar [1.12] EternalMC - Factions Beta

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Play and Have fun on EternalMC - Factions Network our server is new but we dont need any staff and some of the plugins dont work yet but come join and have fun! Mere