Avatar [1.8] MNDS

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this is a survival server that is need of staff i love playing with other people its more fun to and will be a blast having you guys on my server so please join it i love having u guys online also the Mere

Avatar [Spigot 1.8] SnapMine

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Welcome to Snapmine for donations tell to ownerowner skype : d.m.alexandris This Is A greek cracked faction server everyone is allowed to play Mere

Avatar [1.12] Moon SMP

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Fun server hosted by BlueBeastGaming a famous youtuber! We allow griefing, hacking and love when players visit the end and nether come and enjoy ultimate fun and everything is free! not ptw Have fun Mere

Avatar [BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x] Minecraft Entertainment Station Network

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This server network has been a dream in the making for a while, before with attempts with many servers that have risen then fallen down. With the experience gained in the past few years when it comes Mere

Avatar [1.10.2] CFPixelmon

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coming soon-In closed BetaWill fill this section in as soon as i have the time. This is just a test, test. When i get home i will fill this in since you wont let me create it without 150 charact Mere

Avatar [1.8.8] KOMBAT MC {NEEDS STAFF}

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Hello we need staff for our new server kombat mc, if I am not on while you want to apply just use the books and dropped! I working on this server really hard and I hope that it will be a awesome serve Mere

Avatar [BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x] Cade Craft

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WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR STAFF!This server is a new made server, with lots of things to do, theres creative, survival, parkour, rp, PvP, bedwars, minigames and MUCH more! Join today for an experience Mere

Avatar [1.8.8] NewCraftPvP

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FullPvPCom Clans , Spawners, Crates, Plotse Muito MaisJunta-te a Nóse Torna-te NovoÉ Gratis, E Divertido.Com os Melhores Cumprimentos Do HeadMaster:MoneyMakerCv Mere